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Sunday, September 21, 2014

You "chose" your own adventure

You "chose" your own adventure

Momentitiousness, in its quest to shatter the linear form of traditional narrative, pieces together a collection of Moments that, taken individually, are snapshots of humanity. Sweet and sappy, sexy and sultry, gritty and violent, the stories congeal together based on each reader's exploration. Depending upon how you read it, you may get a story of everything from time travel to a new civil war to a zombie apocalypse. Unlike the "choose your own adventure" stories we may remember, in which readers were active in the creation of a linear story, this is more of a "chose your own adventure," in which you stand back and reflect on what you believe just happened. It's meant to be a deeply personal experience, untethered by the rules of traditional narrative, which is why characters don't have names (you give them names) and the places are generally obscure (so you create settings in your mind that make sense to you, as a reader).

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